Luxor 3 demo

More levels and better graphics in the latest Luxor

Very good

Luxor is a fun, colorful puzzle that follows the gaming style and strategy of the popular Zuma game. The aim is to shoot color balls at a line of rolling balls, trying to gather at least 3 balls of the same color and make them disappear from the gaming board before they reach the end of the screen.

Luxor is great fun because it has different game modes, suitable both for the hard-core and the casual player. You can enjoy the game the same if you play for a whole hour or just for two minutes.

What's more, its graphics and visual effects make it very attractive and eye-catching.

Besides the main objective in the game, there are also a few mini-games such as collecting coins and gathering different power-ups that can help you achieve your mission.

However, it's somewhat hard to catch all of them as they fall over you!

Luxor 3 is a great puzzle game with excellent graphics and a really addictive gameplay.

Luxor 3, the next smash hit in this awe-inspiring series, takes you on an ethereal journey where your match-three skills are used to battle the power-hungry god of Chaos!

Free the spirits of other Egyptian gods by stopping the procession of approaching spheres before they reach the pyramid at the end of their path or all will be forever lost!

There are seven unique game modes and many unlockable power-ups, ball sets and shooters! The Battle for Eternal Afterlife begins here, with Luxor 3!



Luxor 3 demo

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